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Effect Education is the revolutionary platform built for decentralized educational resources across the globe. Our vision is to ensure quality education is available to all students, regardless of their socioeconomic background. By using blockchain technology, not only is student data decentralized, encrypted and owned by the students, but content creators and developers are incentivized to create the innovative tools that schools need today.

Effect Education Platform

The best choice for schools who want: Increased efficiency, Reduced costs, Enhanced learning, Opportunities to collaborate, Secure and accurate methods of tracking student performance.

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Effect Education Platform

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Effect Education Platform

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Effect Education Platform
Why Blockchain?

Why Blockchain?

Blockchain technology allows digital information to be distributed, but not copied, altered, or made vulnerable to hacks. We believe blockchain is the most important and relevant technology to disrupt education by enabling decentralized access to content and incentivisation for all stakeholders in our global community of education ecosystems. The immutability of data stored on the blockchain allows student transcripts and certificates to be safely stored, easily accessible and most significantly, authentic.

Effect Use Cases

Use Case: Image

Since no other learning management system (LMS) existed on the market that was secure, transparent, and interoperable across different edtech tools; we spent the last three years creating and piloting our own.

Image is an LMS we built and tested at our schools. Designed with mobile functionality and operating off-line if needed, Image is scalable in developed and underdeveloped countries alike. It’s the first application built on the Effect Education platform and showcases just some of its capabilities.

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